Product Details

Steel cord conveyor belt production line

It is one whole set of complete high quality with one daylight vulcanizing machine production line with advanced technology, suitable for both steel cord and fabric core conveyor belt vulcanizing, according to the requirement of the ordering party. The production line is safe, stable and reliable, can stand long-time operation.

It is a complete and perfect control system (including wire and cable, safety protection equipment etc.), can finish the whole vulcanizing process of conveyor belt, and realize manual and automatic operation and all necessary linkage in the production line.

The whole line includes creel, tension station, fixing carding, forming machine, front clamping device, main press, middle clamping device, stretching machine, hydraulic cutting machine, take-up device packing machine and other equipments.

We can design and make the conveyor belt production line according to customers’ requirements.

Technical parameters


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