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Full Automatic PK Belts Cutting Machine

Technical parameters


This machine is used for Raw-edge belt, Timing belt & Poly-v belt cutting process. The whole system is controlled by PLC. The process parameters are set according to the requirements of the user, and the whole process of products cutting is completed automatically with the coordination of pneumatic components, servo motors, cutting blades and mechanical transmission. The machine coordination, easy operation, safe and reliable operation.


● Cutting belt length range:400mm-4500mm

● Cutting  sleeve width: 500mm;

● Cutter diameter: Ø150;

● Cutting width: Min 7.0mm, Max 22mm.

● Cutting method: the cutter is driven by the servo motor for straight cutting, rotary cutter with cooling arrangement.

● Main motor: 5.5Kw, frequency control;

● Tension motor: 2.2Kw, with: 1: 20 reducer;

● The machine has three servo motor, power are: 400W

● Passive tension frame adopts double cylinder (Ø80 × 150) drive;

● Cutting width error range: ± 0.1mm;


● The entire system by the programmable controller (PLC) control, through the man-machine interface for process parameter setting;

● The spindle adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation, according to the needs of the operation can choose the best spindle speed;

● Cut the lateral movement according to the user's requirements for bandwidth pitch settings, closed-loop control by the PLC servo motor and ball screw drive to form a uniform and stable cutting pitch;

● Cutting the vertical movement by the PLC closed-loop control servo motor and ball screw drive, forming a uniform and stable cutting feed;

● Tailstock with pneumatic control, swing-type structure is safe and reliable, and easy handling;

● Double drum cutting, with belt correction function to ensure the cutting accuracy.


● PLC control system with  & Touch screen: OMRON

● AC servo motors: Mitsubishi

● Main Motor: ABB

● Relay/ Contactor/ Button :Schneider

● Proximity switches: OMRON

● Magnetic switch: OMRON

● Liner guide way & Ball screw: HIWIN

● Pneumatic unit: AirTac

● Encoder: OMRON

● Electric cabinet: Rittal

● Power cable: JIANGNAN CABLE


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